Savanto in Savantide

Why the ice-cream is cold? Where an electric current comes from in the battery? Why a lamp bulb emits light? What is sound?
Are you drowning in all these child’s questions?
You will learn about nature and science playing with Savanto in his digital lab!

Demo video
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"Savanto in Savantide" is:

  • Scientific experiments with real sensor at home

    with real sensor

    4 fields for studying
    More than 50 experiments
    Self-paced lessons
  • New approach to studying environment

    approach to studying

    A child conducts real experiments with his own hands, not in the virtual space
  • Nurturing child’s curiosity


    From 5 to 8 years – early learning often ahead of school program
  • First digital lab for kids of 5 yr. old and up

    First digital lab
    for kids
    5 yr. old and up

    Created by professional team of engineers, child phycologists, and methodologists

Study 4 fields of physics in the dedicated labs!

  • Light


    Savanto in Savantide Light Lab
  • Electricity


    Savanto in Savantide Electricity Lab
  • Sound


    Savanto in Savantide Sound Lab
  • Teperature


    Savanto in Savantide Temperature Lab
Every box holds a set of equipment for conducting scientific experiments. Your young researcher will join an animated boy scientist Savanto on the amazing journey to wonderful Savantide – the land of science. Savanto will guide your child on his first scientific quest.

What you'll find inside

  • Savanto box outinside

    Many hours
    for your child
    to play

  • Savanto box inside

    Various equipment
    for conducting experiments
    and specially designed software

  • Savanto quest

    Entertaining quest about educational goals

  • Ladybug sensor for Savanto lab

    Ladybug sensor
    is outstanding:
    it contains 4 sensors and measures
    temperature, voltage,
    sound loudness and luminance

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows 8;
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 3ГГц;
  • Memory: 4096MB;
  • Video: more than 512MB cache, supported resolution 1920*1080px;
  • Audio: DirectX compatible;
  • HDD: 2GB of free space;
  • DirectX 9.0c and Net Framework 3.5 installed;
  • Please, wait 60 minutes before the authorisation of a second device on your ID.

Customer feedback

  • Elena Krukova
    2 grandsons (5 and 7)
    Now my grandsons know how to measure temperature, how to create comfortable conditions for a human, or plants. Also, this Lab gave them their first chance to learn about safety at conducting scientific experiments. This is very important. Experimenting with Savanto opened a door for my grandsons to the world of physics, chemistry and biology at the very early age. That explains why my senior grandson asked for a 3D microscope for his birthday.
  • Asmolov family
    4 children
    We got introduced to Savanto Lab when in Babycamp. Much to my surprise, children did not want to part with the Lab after the classes. For example, the children would take the sensors from the Lab outside to measure temperature of soil and water in the river, or to endlessly experiment with sound, and so on.
    Some children did not want to part with Savanto even at the end of the camp. Savanto is a real cure from both computer and TV addiction.
  • Asia Midova
    Two curious daughters
    Isn’t it a miracle – to extract electricity from fruit or vegetable! Savanto always tells you what to do in the experiment and then follows up with the explanations. All our family spent quite some time at home and walking in the streets while inventing some new experiments for the Lab!
  • Anna Knysh
    7 yr. old son
    Firstly, I did most of experiments myself to better understand the Lab. But when my son got to do it with his own hands, Savanto really helped with setting up sensors, and so on. Best of all, my son loved experiments with sound (blowing whistle and playing xylophone) and electricity (electric bulb).
  • Natalya Kulchitskaya
    2 children (11 and 13)
    My children are old enough to know most of the topics covered by the Savanto in Savantide Lab. However, the way this Lab engages children, helped a lot in re-igniting their interest towards physics. At the end my junior son asked me for an experiment kit Junior Physicist which follows on the steps of Savanto’s in terms of complexity. Overall, this Lab did help my children to get a taste of Physics and Biology – something I could not have dreamed about!

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