Digital lab for preschool and junior school learners

Child-friendly guide to the virtual lab
with real-world sensors inside of toy ladybirds!


Digital lab for preschool and junior school learners

Children’s friendly guide to the virtual lab with real-world sensors inside of toy ladybirds!


Dear parents, educators and teachers!

Description of the lab

Digital lab for preschool and junior school learners


Modern electronic devices reveal a number of drawbacks when applied in the area of children education.

Taking lessons from these drawbacks, we created a digital laboratory which can engage all perception channels of a child — aural, visual and kinesthetic.

Depending on a curriculum chosen by a preschool organization, Savanto’s laboratory or its modules may be used

  • for such educational purposes as early learning, development of social and communicative skills
  • for laboratory practice in the environment studies in the junior school
  • as a part of any other scientific/investigative extracurricular learning with project-oriented activities

List of enclosures dedicated for each topic:

  • a ladybird toy with a sensor measuring a physical quantity
  • accessories needed for taking measurements
  • a computer program, enabling virtual laboratory set-up
  • manual with study plan and guidelines on the virtual lab set-up

Our top scientist

Savanto is a little boy, who is a scientist and an investigator. He is always on hand to give you a friendly tour of a lab and to help the teachers.


While taking a look around with Savanto, you’ll get to know the lab equipment as well as some other things in the lab that will look after you when you measure something with this equipment

Key set-ups for the lab learning

Eight labs in one

Digital laboratory designed for children includes eight dedicated sets for

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Electricity
  • Acidity
  • Magnetic field
  • Heart rate
  • Forces
  • Sound

Guiding principles

Full compatibility with guidelines of National Standards for Preschool and Junior School Education/early learners


exploratory interests and activities in various applications


engagement of children and adults in education process as equal participants


support to the children in their creative activities


of exploratory, investigatory, productive and constructive activities of children


of common norms and rules by children as applied to relations with the adults and peers


of interdisciplinary study requirements — practical acquisition of universal study skills

A word on Savanto from the developers

The team that developed Savanto includes many more hard working dedicated contributors

Roger Garfield

Oleg Povalyaev

Idea originator

For more than 20 years we develop and produce science study equipment for your children both for schools and your homes. Hundreds of thousands of children work with our devices across Russia. This helps them to excel at school, accomplish projects and eventuially define their professional future.

Roger Garfield

Tatiana Dudina

Project manager

This project gave me a chance to fully apply my creative vault, turning an idea into product, a window for a child to peek into, to see the world of research. Today Savanto in SciLand is a project without a parallel in worldwide practice.

Roger Garfield

Elena Shutyaeva

Author of manual for Savanto Lab

Taking children to Savanto Lab both in groups and individually I saw how exciting scientific fair and experiments bring together children and grownups in the spirit of cooperation. How joy of learning and socializing improve relations both in families and children groups.


We will find a way to answer your questions even if they are not in this list

Will Savanto work on my computer?

System requirements for this product : OS Windows 8 to Windows 10, CPU Intel Core i3-i5, RAM 4 GB +, Free Disk Space 4 GB

How to install

Insert flash drive with distributive Savanto in Sciland in USB drive and wait till the folder with files opens up. Click twice on setup.exe and confirm all offered options.

I’ve got a problem when installing Savanto in Sciland

Get in touch with support at support@naurasha.ru. Don’t do anything until you get help from them.

Is this product safe?

All eight labs of Savanto in Sciland are certified in Russia as safe to use by children and adults. Safety requirements on working with sensors and labs are in the accompanying manual.

How can I tell that a sensor works?

Working sensor has green LED on, and is highlighted green in the lab virtual environment.

How many times can I install the product distributive?

This product is good for as many installations as you need providing that they take place within one school/kindergarten/educational or treatment establishment.

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Will assist in deeper understanding of Savanto in Sciland capabilities, including hands-on experience and outside of the box ideas.

Master Classes

Will assist in deeper understanding of Savanto in Sciland capabilities, including hands-on experience and outside of the box ideas.


are to help in sharing experience with Savanto in Sciland across all groups of users starting from the beginners.

We work for you

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and we wil be glad to provide you necessary information


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